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IAN Iowa Natural Resources Booklet Series

The Iowa Association of Naturalists also has produced seven booklet series that provide readers with a clear, understandable overview of topics concerning the Iowa environment and conservation. The links below will take you to .pdf files at Iowa State University Extension's Website.

Iowa Environmental Issues Series
Iowa Biological Habitat Loss and Disappearing Wildlife (IAN-101)
Iowa Air Pollution (IAN-102)
Iowa Water Pollution (IAN-103)
Iowa Agricultural Practices and the Environment (IAN-104)
People, Communities, and Their Iowa Environment (IAN-105)
Energy In Iowa (IAN-106)
Iowa Waste Management (IAN-107)
Iowa’s Communities Series
Iowa’s Biological Communities (IAN-201)
Iowa Woodlands (IAN-202)
Iowa Prairies (IAN-203)
Iowa Wetlands (IAN-204)
Iowa Waterways (IAN-205)
Iowa Plants Series
Iowa’s Spring Wildflowers (IAN-301)
Iowa’s Summer and Fall Wildflowers (IAN-302)
Benefits and Dangers of Iowa Plants (IAN-303)
Iowa’s Trees (IAN-304)
Seeds, Nuts, and Fruits of Iowa Plants (IAN-305)
Iowa’s Mushrooms and Other Nonflowering Plants (IAN-306)
Iowa’s Shrubs and Vines (IAN-307)
Iowa Wildlife and People Series
Iowa Wildlife Management (IAN-401)
Keeping Iowa Wildlife Wild (IAN-402)
Misconceptions About Iowa Wildlife (IAN-403)
State Symbols of Iowa (IAN-404)
Iowa Food Webs and Other Interrelationships (IAN-405)
Natural Cycles In Iowa (IAN-406)
Iowa Biodiversity (IAN-407)
Adapting To Iowa (IAN-408)
Iowa’s Natural Resource Heritage Series
Changing Land Use and Values (IAN 501)
Famous Iowa Conservationists (IAN 502)
Iowa’s Environmental Laws (IAN 503)

Conservation Careers in Iowa (IAN504)

Iowa Wildlife Series
Iowa Mammals (IAN-601)
Iowa Winter Birds (IAN-602)
Iowa Nesting Birds (IAN-603)
Iowa Reptiles and Amphibians (IAN-604)
Iowa Fish (IAN-605)
Iowa Insects and Other Invertebrates (IAN-606)
Iowa Physical Environment Series
Iowa Weather (IAN-701)
Iowa Geology and Fossils (IAN-702)
Iowa Soils (IAN-703)
Printed booklets may be ordered through the Iowa State University Extension Distribution Center.

When ordering, be sure to use the IAN reference number to the right of each listed booklet title.

Please visit the
Extension Online Store to place an order online or call the Extension Distribution Center at 515-294-5247.



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